In case of medical, fire, or other emergency situations that could involve immediate peril to you or someone surrounding you always call 911.

An emergency is defined as an issue causing damage to property (i.e. a leaky faucet that is dripping into the basin and draining properly would not be considered an emergency whereas a water leak under the sink that cannot be contained causing further damage would be an emergency). If any of the following events (fire, gas leak, downed power line, and flood) occurs, please follow this guideline:

  • Fire – call 911 (only contact us after you are safe and free from harm at (760)994-6074)
  • Gas leak/downed power line – touch nothing and leave the property immediately then call SDGE at 1-800-411-7343. (only contact us after you are safe and free from harm at (760)994-6074)


  • If flood is caused by incoming water source, turn off valve to supply line or main and then call (760)994-6074
  • If flood is from roof or ceiling leak, place a bucket to capture the water and then call (760)994-6074
  • If flood is a back-up or sewer related, stop use of all plumbing to include dishwasher and washing machines and then call (760)994-6074.

If you are unable to reach someone after hours or on a weekend within a reasonable amount of time and you have a true plumbing emergency, please call the vendor below and let them know that you are a tenant in a residence managed by Ascent Property Management:

Pride Plumbing:

(619) 713-5177