Concierge Level Service

First things first: Getting to know you and learning about your property management and service needs.

To do this, we perform an initial client and property consultation during which we establish the bedrock of our future relationship with you. We care to be prompt, articulate, factual, and friendly. We want to know what you think and what is most important to you.

Leadership in management: Our leadership is the cornerstone of our company—these talented individuals competently coordinate efforts and accomplish objectives by using available resources efficiently and effectively. We invest in on-going training, systems, and oversight to ensure your asset has ample and appropriate support.

Whenever possible, we welcome you to meet with our staff and management team, because we know you won’t care how much we know, until you know how much we care. Through our collaborative approach to service, you will have access to your portfolio manager, your account executive, and our management team, and you will always have a primary point of contact.

Next things: The details matter.

Asset evaluation:
A professional walk-through of your property will be conducted to identify what, if any, recommendations you might consider for best property care. The purpose of this is to maximize the long-term health of your property, as well as the value of rents. If any deferred maintenance or recommendations are made, we will provide referrals to competent, licensed and bonded trade professionals.

You can rest assured knowing that our team is led by a Senior Certified Public Accountant. We act as, and want to be known as, your trusted fiduciary. With our secure owner portal and accounting reports, you will always be in the know.

Monthly Owner’s Statements
Rent and Security Deposit Collection
Financial Record-Keeping and Bill Paying

With our full-service business mentality, your property will always receive the attention it deserves, even on the smallest repair or maintenance item. We maintain relationships with dozens of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals—they are key partners in our successful care of your property.

As your trusted advisors, we will educate you and provide you with abundant resources. Should you prefer that we work in conjunction with your established professional advisors, trades people, or other service providers, we are happy to do so.

We are transparent in our approach to maintenance: our sole focus when choosing service providers is that your needs, budget, and protection are met.

Project Management:
In the process of managing your assets, we will likely make recommendations for potential improvements to maintain, increase, or extend the health and value of your property. Our experienced Portfolio Managers and team will work with you and vendors you approve to complete these projects. Ascent Property Management will act as your trusted liaison to manage projects each step of the way.

Although we will provide suggestions for repairs and upkeep to better maintain your property, sometimes larger items are deferred until the property can afford having them completed. We will always focus on your chosen direction and keep a maintenance priority list so no item is left unaddressed.

Your Portfolio Manager will stay on top of “what works” to help you find the best suited tenant for your property. Among these effective and creative avenues are: individual property websites, online marketing to major web portals, ad copywriting, social media marketing, local advertising, and an incredible networking team of real estate professionals across numerous brands.

We care about you, our tenants, our communities, and our staff and team members. And, by the way…we care about having fun too! So hosting tenant events, client and owner networking gatherings, and community events are all simple ways we show it.

Tenant Evaluation:
We use a proprietary screening process to learn about each potential tenant, and to ensure that they are treated with the utmost respect in the process. We pay strict attention to federal and state Fair Housing guidelines, simultaneously working quickly and efficiently to minimize vacancy time. This multi-faceted approach utilizes the professional acumen of trained credit managers and the benefit of computer screening. People are our business; managing properties is what we do.

Property Leasing and Maintenance Service:
If you are in need of marketing and leasing only, or other services we offer, Ascent Property Management offers isolated, “a la carte” services at a reduced fee. Please schedule a “getting to know you” free consultation to learn more.